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04/08/20 08:52 AM #214    


Denis Pettee

Subject: An Amazing Eye-Opener letter from Naples Business Owner
Letter from a Florida businessmen (Naples area) to a Senator he knows personally. You may disagree with some of his politics but ----- Can’t argue with any of his logic. 

Found this to be worth the long read but I agree that this is more than a virus !

This letter is rather long, but a 'must read' and needs to be shared with everyone.  Alfie's understanding of what is going on with this virus and our country is rather concerning.  We need to be aware of what the WHO and the globalists are up to now.


God bless us and the U.S.A.


From Alfie Oakes..... Grocer Extraordinaire in Naples.... One of our wealthiest community members:

Because of the magnitude of this unprecedented event I have decided to come out publicly to share my thoughts. I am not doing this for personal gain or attention, only to give others a different perspective from what we are hearing in the media.

I 100% totally agree that this is a terrible health crisis, I am not pretending to know the outcome, I will only be stating the facts.

Many people that have “bought into the media’s fear” get upset when these facts are used instead of the emotional fear that they have attached themselves to. Sadly for this reason there will be some that are offended.

For those of you that don’t know me I would like share a little of my background. I was born in a trailer park, my mother was 16 and while we grew up very poor I always had everything I needed. The greatest Mom and Dad anyone could ask for. I started selling produce on the roadside of the Cape Coral bridge at age 15 and opened my first store at age 18. My company which I prefer to call “our “ company now has roughly 2000 employees and will soon become an ESOP (Employee Owned Company) . I am stating this only to explain why it is that I so deeply love this country for all of the opportunity it has afforded me and more than anything in this world want the same opportunities to continue afforded to others.

As I said... I do believe this is a terrible health crisis and a very deadly Pandemic virus. My question is does it have to be a terrible economic tragedy too? And who does that help exactly? Does it help that you just lost your job, or your small business? Does it help that you just lost your income or your life savings? Do you feel better about his health tragedy if you also have an economic tragedy to deal with?

Oddly enough I ask these questions not so much for myself. Our business is one that actually does very well during these times. In 2008 we had some of our best growth,everyone has to eat. My heart is bleeding for so many that have been living a similar American dream that I have been afforded but will not be so fortunate because of the nature of their business.

Last week when the Secretary of Education decided to close the schools that we sell fresh produce to around the entire state I immediately called Senator Rick Scott to get his perspective.
He explained to me the reason our government was being so cautious in dealing with COVID-19 was because it was considered to be 2.5 times more contagious than the normal flu virus and possibly 7 times more deadly. The mortality rate of the normal flu running about one tenth of a percent (1 in 1000)and the COVID-19 possibly seven tenths of a percent (7 in 1000).

After speaking with him, I felt as if the actions taken by the government were somewhat appropriate. However at this time the facts I have gathered directly from the CDC say otherwise:

For that reason I decided to write him this letter and hope that all of those that read it on this post will recognize it as just one mans opinion that truly wants what is best for OUR country.

Senator Scott,

The media continues to sensationalize the magnitude and deadly nature of COVID-19. Yet, the truth is the mortality rate of COVID-19 is very low as compared to the normal flu season in the

United States. (And for some reason, the media does not sensationalize or even report flu virus deaths.) As of today, live statistics show global deaths from COVID-19 at 14,611. And, though this number seems large, it pales in comparison to the deaths from a typical flu season. For example, the CDC website shows that during the 2017-18 flu season, over 810,000 people were hospitalized, and 61,000 people died in the United States alone. Why does the media fail to participate in fear mongering and talk of overcrowding the hospitals every flu season?  Whom does it serve, and for what purpose.

The Director General of the World Heath Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, created this international panic by grossly miscalculating the coronavirus mortality rate at 3.4%. It is now crystal clear that he was completely wrong, and yet no one wants to admit it! In the United States, we ignore the facts and continue on with the madness of social distancing, school closures, panic buying, and fear mongering. Just a couple years ago, the same panel of doctors from the CDC who are feeding us false information on COVID-19 adamantly predicted there would be over one million cases of Ebola. In reality, there were less than 30,000 Ebola cases reported; this represents another reckless and gross miscalculation from the World Health Organization and the CDC.

This baseless fear mongering (which has become an American staple for the masses since 911) from the media and American politicians is completely out of control. Why is California Governor Gavin Newsom telling the people in his state that he predicts 25.5 million of his citizens will get the virus? Using his gross miscalculation of a 3% mortality rate, that would mean 765,000 Californians will die. The actual data from countries around the world does not support this!

South Korea has had great success fighting the Coronavirus pandemic without drama or chaos. The sick and at-risk were quarantined, and everyone else went to work; no businesses closed, no facet of the economy shut down, and no one lost their job. Coincidentally, South Korea is almost identical in size to California with a slightly higher population of 51 million. (California's population is 42 million.) South Korea has had less than 9000 cases and under 100 deaths. Moreover, South Korea and California have similar land mass. And yet, in spite of these similarities, the Governor of California is expecting 765,000 deaths versus 100 deaths in South Korea. Something doesn’t add up.

We have allowed the inept CDC, alongside the complicit media, to create one of the worst financial losses in history based off nothing more than fear of a worst case scenario. By the time our government gets its head out of its ass, and realizes this is nothing more than a very severe flu season, we will be coming back to an unrecognizable America. Millions of Americans will be out of work, many will have lost their retirement, and thousands of businesses will surely be bankrupt. Our economy will be in ruins, and for what? We MUST let Americans without risk -- young and healthy business owners and their employees -- go to work in order to keep our economy active and thriving. If we promote this course of action now, then in a month or two, when the at-risk come out of quarantine, there will be some semblance of a healthy economy in place.

I understand the necessity for the media to over-sensationalize and over-dramatize everything they report; it's smart business. If they can create fear and anxiety, they keep everyone tuned in. Its great for them, and that's their job -- they are selling advertisements based on people watching the news outlets. It's similar to the way in which I stack my vegetables high to increase sales. I suppose if I owned a TV network, I might do the same.

However, I expect more from our elected officials. Collectively, you are supposed to be looking out for our country and its citizens. We live in a time during which the media creates perceptions that become our reality. Politicians base their own behaviors, actions, and messages on these perceptions (whether true or false) and subsequent realities. Though telling

the truth can mean political suicide, politicians -- yourself included -- have a duty to serve the American people.


There may be something much larger at play -- something that represents much more of a threat to us than any virus or plague. In 2015, the greatest fear I had for our nation's future (my grandchildren) was the takeover of our great country by the Globalists (a.k.a. New World Order). President Obama was a puppet for the Globalists, and he helped equalize the power in the world by helping to build up other world economies (such as China). All the while, he created stress on the American economy by forcing our industries to other countries and overloading the American government with financial demands our people could not meet. We were well on our way to a world government: a handful of equal powers that would eventually merge for economic dependency.


(Whether you love or hate him, He has been a breadth of fresh air) Then, Donald Trump entered the political arena. He believed in American exceptionalism and promoted a strong U.S. economy -- all that is truly loathed by the Globalists.

In only three years, President Donald Trump delivered the greatest economy and lowest unemployment record in our country's 243-year history. For the first time in recent history, our great President forced China to stop raping our country, which damaged the Globalist plan to advance. In January 2020, the Trump administration strong-armed a trade deal between the world's two largest economies. Trump is our nation's first president to call China to account for its currency manipulation and hold them to a fair trade agreement.

Almost eight months from a presidential election, the Globalists are desperate and anguished -- every disgraceful attempt to take down President Trump in the past three years has proved unsuccessful. They know Trump will win in a landslide against the remaining two Democratic contenders.

With the incredible power the Globalists yield over the World Health Organization and mainstream media, they easily created this incredible -- yet completely baseless -- fear around the world regarding COVID-19. (Why, for example, has the fake news media not reported to the American people that the scary statistics from Italy are the result of Italy’s recent Silk Road Project agreement with China? This agreement resulted in more than 300,000 Chinese workers entering Italy and thereby spreading the virus.) President Trump’s first reaction was to wait to see what the real threat was before overreacting and crashing the economy. However, he was quickly backed into a corner alongside all other American politicians.


What a great plan by the Globalists to level the worldwide playing field! I feel certain this plan has been in their playbook for many years (IN practicing the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC) -- they were just waiting for the perfect time to enact it. They understand that the greatest carnage of this event will be the vast loss of small businesses in the United States. Up until a week ago, small businesses comprised the backbone of our country -- AND, they were the one facet of our nation over which the Globalists had the least control. With the new volatility of small business, many will choose the security of working for large corporations or the government -- exactly where the Globalists need them to be.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this perspective. Though you're much more informed than I, the extra perspective may prove valuable. You are among a handful of elected officials who truly love this country above their own personal gain. I pray you -- and the other leaders who love our country -- will make the immediate and necessary decisions to pivot Americans from the terrible fear created by the media and its accomplices. I will say it again: we must allow young and healthy business owners to operate as usual, and their employees to get back to work immediately, even as we continue to quarantine the at-risk and elderly. Lift business restrictions, and re-open schools; encourage the media outlets to cease this senseless fear







04/08/20 08:56 AM #215    


Denis Pettee

Carol B., here's a book if you haven't read it already to add to your reading list.  I humbly submit this book of an epic tale of real life intrigue, and treachery:

You should read:

Full text of "The Creature From Jekyll Island.pdf

THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND A Second Look at the Federal Reserve Third edition by G. Edward Griffin

04/08/20 12:59 PM #216    


John Blakowski

Things I am doing;

Completed my final Penalty Hall session.

Got a baritone ukulele completing, I doubt it, collection.

Rearranged my flatware in aphabeltic order.

Got a new tattoo.


Things I miss:

Volunteer work as most organizations are closed.

Sunday Mass.

Stay safe my Friends.


06/07/20 08:43 PM #217    


John Blakowski

Got another ukulele, this time a tenor.

06/08/20 09:28 AM #218    


Suzanne Lindsay (Hicks)

Hi everyone,  I've noticed that you all know when each of you have birthdays. Am I missing something??? Sorry. Happy birthday to all those who have birthdays this monthπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Sue (Lindsay) Hicks>p>




07/09/20 08:56 AM #219    


Suzanne Lindsay (Hicks)

So happy to hear that Bob Kolacki is off of ventilator. Prayers really help. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

08/05/20 08:50 AM #220    


John Blakowski

Working the polls, I was done and home about 9:15 PM.  Only ran into one tough guy, oops! I mean girl, well actually a “Karen”.  As she was filling out her voter registration slip she had her cell out and on.  I reminded her that she couldn’t use a cell phone in the polling place.  She went on a bit of a tyraid asking me where I got that from.  As I was pointing out the rule is posted on two signs in the entry way, she stopped me short and pointed out that she was a taxpayer and I worked for her and that she had another question for me. I of course said go ahead. She asked how she was supposed to figure out who to vote for without researching?  Folks let me tell you that you could drive a Mack truck through the hole I bit into my tongue holding back a smart-ass but factual retort.  I simply reiterated the ban of cell phone in the polling place.  She relinquished and put it away. I guess on of us was a BITCH.  Probably me for being a Boy In Total Control of Himself. :-)

01/14/21 12:51 PM #221    


Suzanne Lindsay (Hicks)

So sorry to hear of Pam Holowinski's passing😒

01/30/21 04:03 PM #222    

Laura Goodrich (Tucker)

Thanks Paul!   Our prayers are with Kathy Earl, and all of our classmates.. Luckily out here in Colorado we qualify for Covid vaccines at 70. I have already had my first one and anxiously awaiting my 2nd scheduled vaccine on 2/5.. Blessings and Good Health to you and Jackie and all..  Laurie Tucker (Goodrich)




01/30/21 04:16 PM #223    


John Szychowski

Kathy.....Hey Cuz...keep fighting and get well.  You can get get through this.  Prayers for you now.

John "Pie Man" Szychowski

03/01/21 07:50 PM #224    

Les Langenderfer

So today we are at a car show in Fort Myers Beach and someone asked me to take his picture in front of a Corvette. It was Dale Amborski. "Its a small world" is not only true in Orlando at Disney.

03/02/21 08:50 AM #225    


Ronald Kujawa

Hey Lea did you explain to Dale the concept of a "selfie"? Can't wait for car shows to start up here.

03/19/21 10:30 PM #226    

Sandy Barrow (Harding)

Mary Gould Driscoll messaged me the sad news that our classmate Tim Sullivan has died. We went to grade school with him at the old St. Ann (now St Martin de Porres) and he was a wonderful guy, very kind and very smart. We had contacted him re serving as a deacon at our 50th reunion Liturgy, but he was not in good health and had to decline.

Wondering if anyone knows more about this? Maybe watch for an obituary. I believe he lived in Chicago.

03/19/21 11:01 PM #227    

Sandy Barrow (Harding)

... just adding to the previous message...

Tim Sullivan's "profile" is very sparce on our CCHS66 site here which is in keeping with his very humble nature. He worked at one time as an ATF agent and became a Catholic deacon serving in several parishes in his Chicago area. He founded a 501c3 company, PBJ Outreach Inc.-Our Lady of Good Counsel which helps "homeless people and marginalized poor in the Cass Corridor of Detroit," played Santa at Christmas time and leaves two daughters.

03/20/21 06:34 AM #228    


Paul Link

Tim Sullivan was the Permanent Deacon at St Clement Parish in the Lincoln Park area just north of Chicago. I have copied below a brief biography of Tim taken from the parish website. 

Deacon Tim Sullivan

Permanent Deacon 

Deacon Tim is the permanent deacon assigned to the parish family at Saint Clement by Cardinal George.  He is an Ohio native where he went to John Carroll University in the Cleveland Area.  He was a Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (which was then under the U.S. Treasury Department).  After retiring from ATF in 1999 he was ordained to the permanent diaconate by Adam Cardinal Maida of the Archdiocese of Detroit and received his masters of theology in 2000 from Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit.  During hisstudies for the diaconate, he did his internship at St. Mary’s Hospital in Livonia, Michigan in pastoral care.  He taught Theology at Loyola High School in the inner city of Detroit for eight years as well as being the campus chaplain and chair of the theology department for five years.  During that period he also was the chaplain (4 years) at a juvenile girls detention facility in Dearborn Heights, Michigan and chaplain at a nursing home in Detroit (5 years).  From 2001 until 2010 he was the Detroit Field Division Chaplain for the Bureau of ATF.  In 1992 he founded a public charity which ministered to (and continues to minister) to the homeless and marginalized in downtown Detroit and continued as president until 2010.  He still remain on the board of directors to an organization that now has three locations and serves between 250-300 people ever week on Saturday (food, clothing and counseling).  He has two daughters in Chicago.

As a deacon, his primary ministry is one of charity. He also assists at Mass, proclaims the Gospel, preaches, baptizes and witnesses marriages as well as para-liturgical duties such as Benediction during the week, house and business blessings as well as a variety of other services.  He is also available for counseling and spiritual direction.

03/20/21 01:07 PM #229    


Gerri Rutkowski (Dennis)

So sorry to hear of the passing of our classmate Tim Sullivan. What an amazing man. He left a wonderful footprint on this earth. His legacy will live on. He is with the Lord now! RIP Tim! 

03/21/21 07:15 AM #230    

Mary Ball (Arquette)

Thanks to all of you who supported the CCHS virtual gala last evening.  It was an outstanding hour of honoring CCHS, past, present and future.  On behalf of our CCHS students, I truly appreciate your support.  Over $300,000 was raised for student scholarships!!! If you didn't have an opportunity to contribute and would still like to donate, its not too late!  Check out the CCHS website or call their Advancement office.  

06/09/21 12:23 PM #231    


John Blakowski


I can't make the 06/23/21 luncheon but hopefully can make the July 2021 and then on luncheons. Have great time.

10/30/21 11:52 AM #232    

Nicholas Hetzer

would a summary of responses be more helpful than the current listing?  Nick Hetzer

11/02/21 01:24 PM #233    


Paul Link

The Reunion Committee would like to thank all who have responded to our survey. To those who have not responded yet, we encourage you to do so. It will help tremendously to our planning. Thanks to Gary Sniadak for the suggestion and tallying of responses. Here are the current totals for the reunion survey.

55+1 Reunion Tally as of 10/31/21 with 58 responses:

1) I would plan on attending the class lunch at a local restaurant on Thursday, September 29, 2022. Answer Yes or No & the number of attendees.

Num Yes 40            Num No 17             Num Undecided 1          Num Attending 54

2) I would plan on attending the golf outing at Valleywood Golf Club on Friday, September 30, 2022 at 9:00 am. Answer Yes or No & the number of golfers.

Num Yes 17            Num No 39             Num Undecided 2.         Num Attending 19

3) I would plan on attending the tailgate party (BYOB) and homecoming football game on Friday, September 30, 2022. Answer Yes or No & the number of attendees.

Num Yes 39            Num No 18             Num Undecided 1.          Num Attending 59

4) I would plan on attending a post game social gathering at the Durty Bird downtown. Answer Yes or No & the number of attendees.

Num Yes 28           Num No 28             Num Undecided 2            Num Attending 39

5) I would plan on attending the reunion party in casual dress on Saturday evening on October 1, 2022. Answer Yes or No & the number of attendees.

Num Yes 48            Num No 10            Num Undecided 0            Num Attending 78

11/30/21 03:15 PM #234    


John Blakowski

Like to show y'all some pics from my youngest Daighter's, Emily Blakowski Malek, recent wedding, yep she kept it Polska.

12/30/21 08:47 AM #235    


Paul Link

I want to share that our classmate, Tim Waltzer, is currently battling bladder cancer. He has finished his chemo therapy and has surgery upcoming soon. Your thoughts and prayers are welcome. Get well soon, Tim!

01/01/22 05:01 PM #236    


Gerri Rutkowski (Dennis)

Tim, prayers coming your way that you stay strong and whip this bladder cancer! You will be in my daily prayers! Wishing you well my friend! Fight, fight, fight!!

01/05/22 05:45 PM #237    


Paul Link

More prayers are being requested for our class family. Bob & Mary Arquette are asking for prayers for their daughter-in-law, Kelly. Please keep her, her husband, Andy, and their entire family in your thoughts and prayers!

01/06/22 07:42 AM #238    


Suzanne Lindsay (Hicks)

Praying for Tim and Bob and Mary Arquette's daughter in law Kelly.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’ž

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